Creativity has always been in my DNA. Since I can remember, I was always enrolled in an art class, being taken by my mother to interior stores in the Atlanta area, or observing the art shows my mom would host in my childhood home. In fact, I remember completing paintings before I could even sign my name to the works!

Surrounded by so much love for creativity, I completed my degree in Apparel Merchandising, Design and Production at Auburn University. Nearly two decades later, I found myself with a glowing career in sales and merchandising that landed me in partnerships with one of America’s largest private companies and a Forbes Halo 100 company. But I discovered I was missing my first loves: art and design.

In the midst of the pandemic, I found a watercolor piece that I painted as a child: a simple bluebird. Not long after, I stumbled upon another family treasure: a bolster of fabric printed in England, from the 1960s, saved by late grandmother. The fabric was still in beautiful condition, and it reminded me of my grandmother’s and mother’s immaculate style in their own homes.

These found treasures felt like clear messages to pursue the things that have always brought me (and the incredible mentors in my life) joy. I used the extra time afforded by the pandemic to pick up a paintbrush afresh. Inspired by my travels, my passion for storytelling, and my love of nature, I began painting using various mediums. As a person of faith with a love of family, I also wanted my work to showcase the beauty of nature in God’s design and to honor the women in my life who taught me so much about creativity.

These paintings would become the basis for my collections at Truett Designs. Empowered once again to do what I love, I harkened back to my college textile classes (my favorite!), and I began to explore what it would take to turn my paintings into luxury textiles for lifestyle products. As the story would have it, our products – like the bolster of fabric my grandmother saved for so many years – are now handcrafted in England. Just as those found treasures in my own life encouraged me to create the life I love, I want the lifestyle pieces I create to spark that same joy – the joy of being inspired.



About Our Product:

We believe curation starts with creation. That’s why each of our collections are made from a unique work of art, hand painted by our founder, Truett Fink. From our bespoke luxury textiles, to our custom decorative pillows, and to our luxury decor and accessory pieces, every piece is hand-crafted by our artisans in England using sustainably sourced practices.  Each of our pieces is a work of art curated for you.  Find the treasured piece that serves as the inspiration for you to start curating the life you love.