I'm Truett Fink, the Founder and artist behind Truett Designs.  In 2020, I set out on a creative journey to pursue my passion to paint and to create, never with the intention of starting a business.   In the midst of the pandemic I found a watercolor piece I painted as a child: a simple bluebird.  I then stumbled upon another family treasure: a bolt of fabric, printed in England saved by my late Grandmother.  These found treasures felt like clear messages for me to pursue my passion for art, and to blend my background in design and textiles.

Inspired by my travels, my love of art, nature, and stories of my personal history, I set out on my creative journey and began painting using various mediums and techniques.   I also wanted my work to showcase the beauty of nature in God’s design and to honor the women in my life who taught me so much about creativity. These paintings would become the basis for my collections at Truett Designs.

Empowered once again to do what I love, I harkened back to my college textile classes (my favorite!), and I began to explore what it would take to turn my paintings into luxury textiles.  the story would have it, our products – like the bolt of fabric my grandmother saved for so many years – are now handcrafted in England. As a person of faith with a deep appreciation for family, these values are woven into the very fabric of Truett Designs. 

In 2022, my passion turned into the business you see today, Truett Designs, which is a boutique line of luxury textiles, handmade pillows, wallpaper, and other home decor pieces is a reflection of my art and designs coupled with my passion to create and curate. As an artist and designer, I've always had a passion to create and curate, to blend old with new, and to mix design styles. Just as those found treasures in my own life encouraged me to create, I hope my works of art will inspire you to create or to follow a passion.


Truett Designs is proud to offer all sustainably made products, which are printed and handmade in England