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This is a blend of Linen and Cotton, which are both completely natural fabrics, so feel happy ordering this natural option. Linen strengthens cotton, making it very strong and durable. Its strength and water absorbent nature makes this blend a very versatile material. Machine washable cover, and please hang to dry.

95% Cotton 5% Linen

6.72 oz.

Martindale > 40,000 revs

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Our Brushed Twill is a slightly opaque fabric, which is known for it's durability and comfort. The woven soft brushed twill feel is evenly dispersed and creates a smooth matte finish. The soft face of the fabric provides an easy contrast to the slightly firmer back. There is a textured feel to the fabric which follows the diamond twill weave. Machine Washable covers, and please hang to dry.

100% Polyester

8.55 oz.


Our Soft Velvet fabric is so soft and smooth, you will never want to stop touching it. The short and dense pile gives this fabric the typical velvet handle, but with so much added softness. It is an elegant, stylish and fun velvet, which is simply divine. It's machine washable, but please make sure you hang to dry.

100% Polyester

8.26 oz.

Martindale > 40,000 revs

IMG_3013_6159a659-dab3-4e5b-b1a2-96f033db29e7 - Truett Designs

Velvet Shimmer

Velvet Shimmer is a custom made velvet fabric that has a shimmer effect. This shimmering custom made fabric has a tight plain weave, a short dense pile, and is so smooth to the touch.Constructed using spun fibers in a plain weave construct, produces the brushed face effect. It's a strong fabric that holds it shape well.

100% Polyester

10.94 oz.

Martindale > 40,000 revs